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Feb 3

Candlemas was yesterday (but crepes day is everyday). Check out our recipe!

Yesterday was Groundhog day (yay). But here in France we celebrated Candlemas. And it was all about crepes, crepes and crepes 🙌 Unfortunately (for you), we already ate them all. But hey, we’re already kind enough to share our little homemade recipe with you – not even a thank you! Anyway, without further ado, here are the ingredients

Jan 12

This Recipe of Ours Will Get You Through the Winter

Haaa, the post-Christmas period… That time of the year when all the magic is gone, leaving nothing behind but harsh, cold and miserable weather. Alright don’t despair yet! We’ve got just what you need. Genymobile’s mulled wine recipe (10 people) For French people like us, mulled wine is literally sacred. No wonder! Who would say

Dec 15

Here Comes Christmas! And We’ve Got Plenty of Goodies for You 🎁

It’s that time of the year🎄🎅 And we have a few surprises for you! So grab your holiday spirit, finish that gingerbread nougat and get your fill of Genymobile goodies. 2 paper toys to add a flare of originality to your decorations Our Android-themed Santa & Elf will definitely add a Christmassy Android feeling to your

Jul 4

Enjoy the summer with a new buddy!

Grab your scissors, some glue, a bit of patience and you’ll be all set! (sunglasses are of course mandatory) 000

May 20

Business or casual? Choose your team!

Customize your office with these 2 new papercrafts! Feel free to share these with your coworkers, friends, droids… As always, prepare all the cuts and slits before assembly. Which side are you on? Business or casual? Leave a comment 🙂        (craft skills not included) 000

May 4

Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a small gift from us

Enjoy the day with this free Yoda papercraft! Patience you must have my young padawan: prepare all the cuts and slits before assembly.  May the 4th be with you  (force not included) 000

Dec 16

Wishing You A Merry Christmas With A Small Gift

Ho ho ho 🎅 Print out your own Santa papertoy and let the folding fun begin! 234