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Feb 16
Genymobile at WeWork

San-Francisco: Our US team is moving! Here’s where to find them (and the story behind)

Remember when we announced opening new offices in San-Francisco? We wanted to get closer to you, our beloved Genymotion users 🤗 Well it was almost 2 years ago – already 😱 – and a lot has happened since! The time has come to move (again). On to new adventures We really loved our Genyhouse! It

Sep 29

Genymobile Company Culture – Our Statement

At a TED conference entitled “Why does corporate culture make the difference”, Angelique Zettor, co-founder and co-CEO of Genymobile, spoke of the importance of company culture which she has always considered a priority at Genymobile. Why put such an emphasis on corporate culture? Culture is this invisible bond that unites us as employees and makes

May 27

A peek inside life at Genymobile: from 8m² to 60 employees

How’s life when you’re a Genymobilian? Read this post to better understand who we are and what we do. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Happy reading! TL;DR • One of the fastest growing startups in France 🌱🇫🇷 • Expertise and happiness as core values 👌🙏 • Employees can all be real players

Jun 3

Why does corporate culture make the difference?

Angélique Zettor’s speech @TEDx Panthéon Sorbonne. The TED conferences ( Technology Entertainment Design) bring together public figures and innovators from all backgrounds. These conferences are propagator of ideas, project inspirer, stimulator awareness. The format is atypical: speakers succeed in turns, for a maximum duration of 18 minutes. 18 minutes to convince, share and generate reactions