France: Part of our Paris team moved! Here’s why ?️?

Nov 21

France: Part of our Paris team moved! Here’s why ?️?

A little bit around the end of September, our Paris team moved to a whole new place!

1 rue du Mail was great – and we really loved its surroundings – but as our adventure was taking an important turn, we needed a more intimate place aligned with our new focus.

The address is 23 rue du Renard, 75004 Paris and this is why we went there ??

New place, new mindset

Over the past few months, our Paris team started to get narrower. Primarily because some of our employees needed some fresh air – we’ve been around since 2011 – but also because some had the chance to join our San Francisco team.

But that’s not the main reason. Our team got smaller because our focus changed.

That’s no secret. Since we’ve launched our Android emulation cloud platform last year, our company mindset and strategic choices substantially got modified.

However, this led to major consequences that couldn’t be neglected: We were occupying offices way too big given our new team size – 788m2 for 28 people Not to mention that this big place with very few people was starting to feel a little bit cold and lonely ?

So the solution was pretty simple… We had to move to smaller offices ???

Smaller but more intimate

Finding new offices wasn’t an easy task – it never is – but thanks to the hard work of our teammates we managed to find 23 rue du Renard, which fitted most of our criteria.

It is close to our past location, definitely smaller, more affordable, capable of handling small teams scaling up and provides access to shared meeting rooms – neat point for the international company we are Here’s what it gives ?

Feeling cosy right? ?
Of course, once we found the place, the hardest part wasn’t over. We had to get rid of a huge amount of stuff we had Some were obviously unnecessary but some were dear to our heart… Bye ping-pong table. You will be missed But this was an important and sound choice for us to stay afloat. We’re now fewer, more focused and stronger together ??
To be continued…
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