Genydeploy 4.3: Introducing a new way to automatically deploy user inputs (without using any script)

Feb 7

Genydeploy 4.3: Introducing a new way to automatically deploy user inputs (without using any script)

Genydeploy 4.3 is out! This major version of our industrial deployment solution brings a ton of new awesome features and enhancements – including a sleeker UI, many readability improvements and a few script optimizations.

But what really stands out is Genydeploy’s Replay Sequence: a new feature for Linux users removing any remaining manual interactions during large-scale Android deployments – making it the optimal Android kitting tool for non-technical people. Sounds good right? Here’s what it gives.

Introducing Genydeploy’s Replay Sequence

Genydeploy’s Replay Sequence allows you to pre-record manual inputs and deploy them to as much Android device as you’d like. Which can be pretty neat when it comes down to repetitive tasks requiring human intervention – e.g. to enable USB debugging in developer options, or during the first-boot setup wizard.

On top of that: Genydeploy’s Replay Sequence doesn’t require any technical intervention. No script, no ADB, no hassle ? The only requirement being an active USB connection between the administration console and the device, in a Linux environment.

How to use this new feature

First things first, make sure you’re administration console has been updated to Genydeploy 4.3 (or more). If you didn’t receive the update yet, give us a shout and we’ll put things right.

If you don’t feel like reading right now – and we won’t blame you for this – you might want to check our video tutorial below:

1. Record a sequence
  1. Choose an Android device of reference and plug it in via USB
  2. Make sure it is properly detected by your computer
  3. Head up to your administration console, click the button ➕ and select “Replay USB HID events”
  4. Hit the “Record” button. Your mouse cursor now appears on the plugged-in Android device
  5. Perform the steps you wish to record on the plugged-in Android device via your mouse
  6. All good? On your keyboard, hit the letter “Q” and the recording will stop
  7. You can now unplug your Android device of reference
2. Replay a sequence
  1. Connect by USB your Android device fleet to be provisioned (no limitation in number)
  2. Head up to the deployment screen
  3. Hit the “Deploy” button

That’s it! Only 2 steps ?

A few recommandations

Make sure the Android devices connected have the same interface than the Android device of reference (check the hardware and software version). Otherwise, the replay sequence will not reproduce the desired steps – you wouldn’t want to call 911 instead of activating USB debugging. For more advanced actions, we recommend to stick with the script method.

Wrap up

Genydeploy’s replay sequence is the perfect solution to record and scale basic user interactions when the smartphone/tablet fleet is very large.

You can finally get rid of all the configuration steps required at every Android device’s first boot. And you don’t even need any technical knowledge to achieve that. Long story short: another layer of enterprise mobile device management processes getting simplified. Pretty neat right?

Genydeploy 4.3 already started rolling out via your administration console. If you’re not a Genydeploy user yet, give us a shout and we’ll jump you in ?