Genystory | Luc Robert (La Poste)

Jun 6

Genystory | Luc Robert (La Poste)

Luc Robert is Chief Commercial Officer at La Poste, a postal service company in France. La Poste is a parent company of Groupe La Poste, which also comprises a bank and insurance company (La Banque postale), a logistics service company (Geopost) and a mobile network operator (La Poste Mobile).

“To adapt to new customer needs, we had to modernize the activity of our postmen”

In 2011, La Poste was faced with anticipating the inevitable paperless mail era and adapting to new customer expectations in terms of service: “[…] faced with these underlying trends which directly questioned the business methods of our postmen, we were required to change”. This led to their digital transformation project, revolving around a smartphone they call Facteo, running on Android and designed for postmen. Facteo integrates business applications to simplify the receipt of packages requiring signature, identifying in a few clicks the persons also allowed to sign receipts in case of absence of the recipient.

“Genymobile teams provided us with a flexible road map according to our needs”

Not having the specific technology expertise, La Poste began to carry out the deployment of 94,000 devices themselves. But, “[…] after configuring 10,000 smartphones manually, it became clear that we could not do this alone”. La Poste chose Genymobile’s industrial deployment solution, Genydeploy, to carry out the digital transformation of their postmen.

The whole operation was based on two stages. First, device management through extensive feature modifications (applications without sound & networks, accounts, battery, display…) followed by th mass deployment and configuration on device fleets. “Genymobile was the only player able to propose an industrial tool capable of delivering robust end to end deployments. We immediately felt at ease”. After three months of planning, deployment of the configuration started.

“With Genydeploy, we accelerated our deployment in unprecedented proportions”

With a compliance rate of 100%, La Poste was able to deploy 800 terminals per day, all the while correcting input errors and collecting the device information needed from their operating system. “Thanks to an automated production configuration, defined settings remained consistent across devices and we were able to end the frustration of some postmen who had previously received smartphones with an insufficient charge level due to manual mishandling of the device configuration”.

This successful deployment has helped La Poste meet the challenges of enterprise mobility. Now, the 94,000 metropolitan postmen are able to offer innovative services to their customers through Factéo! “The Factéo project was such a success that we plan to work on new projects with Genymobile deployment, particularly in the overseas territories”.