Join us in the first episode of our webinar series (March 28)

Mar 10

Join us in the first episode of our webinar series (March 28)

How we bring Android to the enterprise

Our very own Mittal Parekh – VP Product & Strategy will soon give a special webinar on  March 28 (6:00 PM – 7:00 PM CEST)!

In this first episode of a four part webinar series, Mittal will present a retrospective on the evolution of Android in enterprises these past few years. This will be a nice opportunity to explain how Andoid impacts the way we do business today and why mobile applications are currently shaping the business landscape.

This exclusive webinar will mainly be focused on YOUR business needs. So do not hesitate to share the challenges you’re facing today with Android and your ecosystem.

See you there!



About M. Parekh (VP Product/Strategy)

Mittal Parekh - Profile

Mittal has more than 20 years of experience in the field of B2B computing (Citrix Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AppSense), and has brought Genymotion to a new dimension with a good amount of industry leaders. During this special webinar, Mittal will be happy to answer any questions. Meanwhile, you can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter!