A glimpse into “The Leaf”, our internal email newsletter

Apr 4

A glimpse into “The Leaf”, our internal email newsletter

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information” – Benjamin Disraeli

In our first years, we grew up pretty fast. Not only in terms of business value, but also in terms of employee number. And when you’re used to exchange ideas around a table, switching to a 60-people workforce is a whole other thing…

As a consequence, making sure everyone gets the right information at the same time quickly became our biggest challenge. This is why, 2 years ago, we decided to put in place a monthly email newsletter. We called it the “The Leaf” and this is the story behind.

Our process in place

When we first created The Leaf, we didn’t want to launch another corporate newsletter repeating the same old messages over and over again…


No. We wanted this initiative to be a place of expression where each team could share their own feelings and personal points of views.

With this in mind, we implemented the following editorial process:

  • Each team manager gathers the latest news in their own department
  • They consolidate them in one editorial piece and send it out to Corporate Communications
  • It then gets integrated to the newsletter body as is. No amendments made!

The pieces of news are sorted by products and projects but the content itself does not get modified. All this to better reflect the ideas expressed by each team.

So what’s the role of Corporate Communications?

The Communication Department participates to the newsletter too! But at the same level than the other teams.

Of course their role differs a bit, as they also take in charge the content layout, the overall design, and infographic pieces (thanks to our awesome designer team ✏).

Corporate Communications also take care of reporting major company news – such as internal/external events – and, from time to time, they get to fix a few typos that slipped through the validation process (nobody is perfect right?).

There’s also the “Random News” section, but more on that later ?

All clear? Then let’s get into the thick of things.

Here’s what Genymobilians can find in The Leaf




At Genymobile we use various communication tools – Gmail, Jira and Slack to name a few – and we put in place many internal events to have everyone on the same page (more on this in our company culture statement).

But missing important news is an easy thing, especially in our startup world. That’s why the raison d’être of The Leaf is to cover every major news that occurred while Genymobilians were away.

So we start with a big wrap-up summed up in one illustration accompanied by a caption for context. For example, here’s what we had for the launch of Genymotion On Demand (formerly called Genymotion for AWS):


Pretty self-explanatory right? ? The avatars you see represent actual Genymobilians who were involved in the project – we call them “Genyme’s”.

Then we wish a warm welcome to new employees before putting in details our website statistics, social media figures and our monthly income sorted by product – namely Genymotion, Genydeploy and Genykiosk.

All this followed by the various team stories we talked about earlier. Unfortunately – for obvious reasons – we can’t share what is being told… But you’re definitely missing something! (does saying that help? ?)

Where’s the fun in that?

Actually there’s a LOT of fun in that! Very few news – if not any – are written 100% seriously. Of course the core information remains factual and explained in details, but there’s always a joke here and there… Just as in this blog post ?

Speaking about fun, here comes the most awaited section!


For many reasons, some pieces of news are considered miscellaneous. But they’re relevant enough to be included in The Leaf. They therefore end up in this special place.

The Leaf’s Random section is actually​ not so “random”. There are a few regular blocks coming up each month: the agenda of upcoming internal events, imminent birthdays and, last but not least, two employee fun facts!

The first one is the “gem of the month” – in French, “gems” literally translates to “perles” i.e. sentences declared innocently but ending up to be hilariously inappropriate. For your own mental safety, we kept these for ourselves ? – and the second one is the “gif of the month”, featuring the best gif triggered in Slack messaging platform.


This one for instance has been triggered by our awesome QA engineer @tcarpentier, using the term “fail”. Yup, we’re giving out names now ?


We’re pretty proud of our internal newsletter! It’s our most efficient way to have access to all the important pieces of news related to Genymobile and its employees.

Proof is the excellent open rate we have registered on the 25 issues sent so far: 72% ‒ and in case you were wondering, yes that’s above the average ?

Of course, there’s always room for improvement! That’s why the very end of The Leaf features a dedicated section where any Genymobilian can share feedback, suggestions, thoughts or anything else coming through their mind.


But in any case, we consider The Leaf as our perfect tool to catch up with major events, better understand what’s happening in other departments, or simply relax! And between you and me… Everybody starts with the Random News ?

Thanks for reading! We’ve been happy to share this information with you. What do you think about our internal newsletter? Does your company have one? What does it give? Let us know in the comments section below!