MeetUp Lyon Testing N°1 (October 25th)

Oct 11
People meeting in Lyon to test their app

MeetUp Lyon Testing N°1 (October 25th)

The Lyon Testing User Group are having their first meetup! Join us in our local facilities for 3 lightning talks by experts in the field.

The first event in Lyon dedicated to functional tests

What’s better than solving common problems together? ? (nope “saucisson” doesn’t count). Lyon Testing N°1 is the first meetup dedicated to software testing. A nice opportunity for all the testers around to directly exchange good practices and pool practical resources. Cause that bug won’t solve itself ?

The first edition of Lyon Testing will take place in our offices (in the 7th arrondissement). Registration is free but limited, so reserve your seat now before it’s too late!

Lyon Testing n°1
October 25 (7:00 – 22:00 pm CET)
279 bis rue de Créqui, 69007 LYON


As official sponsor of the meetup, complimentary food and drink are on us ?

Subjects covered:

Lyon Testing n°1 will be divided into 3 lightning talks, each 15 minutes. Here’s a preview of what will be tackled:

  • “A good software tester is a tester able to manage cognitive biases”
  • “Less talk, more serendipity and more exploratory tests”
  • “How to improve your acceptance testing by creating a test center”

Each session will be followed by a Q&A.

More about Lyon Testing

Lyon Testing n°1 is an initiative of the Lyon Testing User Group, a group of professional software testers based in the town of Lyon (France). Their common passion for testing and quality assurance led them to build a dedicated community.

Behind Lyon Testing there’s a team of 4 people :

  • Thomas Carpentier – QA Engineer at Genymobile
  • Stéphane Colson – QA Lead at Linagora
  • François Le Nôtre – Test Analyst at AVM informatique
  • Cédric Moretti – QA lead at Reputation VIP

After having posted a few testing tips, reading recommendations and event feedbacks on their official blog, the team finally decided to take their project to another level by organizing the very first meetup in Lyon dedicated to functional tests!

Give them a shout on Twitter @TestingLyon.