Genymobile Releases Genymotion Cloud

Genymobile Releases Genymotion Cloud

As leading provider of Android solutions, we are proud to announce the very first cloud based Android platform bringing both collaboration and automation features: Genymotion Cloud.

An SaaS solution for the whole mobile application value delivery chain

Soon, enterprises will enjoy new levels of efficiency throughout their application lifecycle. With Genymotion Cloud, app development companies will be able to build, test, demonstrate and eventually streamline their application development process.



“There is mounting pressure for every business to be mobile-powered. It is imperative that mobile development does not become a burden. Our SaaS solution maximizes efficiencies across the whole mobile application value delivery chain. Everyone involved in the project gets the information they need exactly when they need it. This not only means faster time to market. It also means better quality, reliability and improved customer satisfaction.”

Arnaud Dupuis
(Co-founder / Co-CEO)


Genymotion Cloud is the first cloud-based emulator enabling the whole project team* to easily evaluate their Android application and providing unique automation capabilities to build, test and release in record time.

With the cost of correcting a bug in an application as high as $14,000 according to a recent study, Genymotion customers would save an average of $800,000 dollars a year.

*Developers, QA, UI/UX designers, Sales, Marketing, Helpdesk teams and Decision-makers

Genymotion Cloud features include:

● Live Demonstration
● Virtual Device Sharing
● Application Sharing

● Compatibility with on-premise CI infrastructures
● Standard HTTPS REST & Java APIs
● Gradle Build Support
● Full IDE Integration (including Android Studio & Eclipse)
Visit the product page    Download the media kit