A peek inside life at Genymobile: from 8m² to 60 employees

May 27

A peek inside life at Genymobile: from 8m² to 60 employees

How’s life when you’re a Genymobilian? Read this post to better understand who we are and what we do. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Happy reading!


One of the fastest growing startups in France ???
 Expertise and happiness as core values ??
 Employees can all be real players of the company ??
 Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the Android community ??
 Remote work and travels between offices are encouraged ?✈️
 Up to 3 months stays at San-Francisco are entirely covered ??
 Welcome packs with fun and customized gifts ??
 Towerfall, table football, table tennis, good coffee → what else? ☕?

“Participative management” isn’t just a fancy word

Working at Genymobile is being part of an adventure. A friendly, innovative and most of all human one. Indeed, ever since 2011 – when everything started in Paris and the total area of our offices was 8m² (ouch) – participative management has always been part of our DNA.

At Genymobile, every employee can make a difference, with dedicated speaking times allowing to share ideas freely, give constructive feedback, raise issues, or simply ask questions.

The top management is strongly committed to implement actions to solve problems, which is part of the reason why we are where we are today: a big family of 60 employees, spread across Paris, Lyon and San-Francisco, and creating a sustainable year on year growth.

Actually nothing’s changed since the beginning (except maybe the 8m² office).


Exchanging and sharing is key for us

From the beginning of our adventure, we have been growing fast and the amount of Genymobilians has consequently increased. But we’ve always made our number one priority to preserve the bond that binds us together by encouraging daily interactions despite the distance and time difference.

Twice a week, each office meets for a 15-minutes live Hangouts around big screens. We call that the “T-time” and it’s a great opportunity for each of us to share the latest news whether the subject is strategic, project-related, purely personal, or random (understand funny or wtf).

Well yes, obviously video conferences don’t replace real human contact. That’s the reason why we meet once a year for a full weekend together during which we exchange ideas, attend workshops and get to know each other more (PAAAARTY).

Also, as we want everyone to enjoy our newest US headquarters in San-Francisco, we’ve created the “Genyboarding Pass”, giving each employee the opportunity to immerse themselves in the North-american culture by allowing them to spend a period of up to 3 months there, all costs covered.

genymobile-ceos-presentation     genymobile-t-time

Android über alles

We are deeply involved in the Android community. We wouldn’t miss a single Google I/O or Droidcon for anything! We officially sponsor most of these events around the world which are a great opportunity for us to stay in touch with our fellow users and share knowledge while still keeping on learning.

Curiosity and expertise are our core values. That’s why we support each Genymobilian willing to attend big or small community events as attendee or speaker – for those that wish to, we sponsor their participation up to 50%.

Anyone can then share his or her thoughts and make everyone in the company benefit from their knowledge. This usually takes place during what we call “Genytalks”. These talks are similar to our “T-times” except that they are dedicated to one single person who gets the opportunity to share his or her knowledge, passions and dreams.


genymotion-event-booth     genymotion-team-event

 A strong culture connected to a unique identity

Genymobile is a bit of a tribe. Don’t panic, we don’t walk the offices in our underwear! But we have our own language, with countless combinations and play on words based on the prefix “Geny”.

On top of “Genymobilians”, “Genytalks” & “Genyboarding Pass” that you already know, we have:

“Genyme’s” → avatars made by our design team to celebrate newcomers’ arrival, along with a welcome pack full of personalized goodies, including a recent Android flagship of their own choice (yep you read that right).

“Genyboy & Genygirl” → Our well-known mascots, who can be found anywhere around the world!


genymobile-welcome-pack      custom-mug-genymobile-welcome-pack

We’re happy! Want to be happy with us?

The well-being of everyone in the company is at the very heart of our culture. Many startup companies like to brag about their video game consoles, billiards, table football tables, table tennis tables and nice furniture – mostly tables actually.

For our part, we are proud to be bound together by something deeper: feeling at home.

Genymobile wouldn’t exist if spending the day in a joyful atmosphere was impossible, although everybody knows Guitar Hero and Towerfall are the most important things in the world.

If you want to be part of our great adventure, build amazing stuff and spend time with our awesome community, come join us!


genymobile-tennis-table       table-football-genymobile