San-Francisco: Our US team is moving! Here’s where to find them (and the story behind)

Feb 16
Genymobile at WeWork

San-Francisco: Our US team is moving! Here’s where to find them (and the story behind)

Remember when we announced opening new offices in San-Francisco? We wanted to get closer to you, our beloved Genymotion users ?

Well it was almost 2 years ago – already ? – and a lot has happened since! The time has come to move (again).

People trying to carry furniture

On to new adventures

We really loved our Genyhouse! It was a great way to onboard our French team members who came to work in Fog City. But now that the team is all set, the Genyhouse isn’t needed anymore – insert tears. So we decided to leave and find new offices that would better suit our new needs.

The challenge was quite high! We needed to find a new place filling a bunch of criteria, which were:

  • Easier to manage (administratively and organizationally)
  • In line with our company culture
  • Capable of receiving our whole US team of course
  • Closer to you, our dear clients
  • Providing locally produced saucisson*

*weirdly enough we dropped this one

It took us a few weeks, but we eventually found a place satisfying all these needs: WeWork Embarcadero Center ?

Located in the heart of San-Francisco’s financial district, these three-floor shared offices were the perfect spot. Not to mention the large promenades and the bunch of shops and good restaurants surrounding the location ?

Look at this place:

That's how our new SF offices look like

Pretty nice huh? ? So, at the beginning of the month, we packed our things and settled there.

Leaving our Genyhouse wasn’t an easy choice, but it was a choice that had to be made. And now that it’s been taken care of, we can get back to our core priority of these past 2 years: expanding our US footprint ?

We still want to get closer to you ? And our US team will spend the next months with this state of mind and many actions to come… Including attending Mobile World Congress 2017! But more on that soon ?

Before then, feel free to come say hi at WeWork Embarcadero Center. We will be happy to welcome you and share “saucisson and wine” in a very classic French way ?? See you there!

Genymobile US team around a table

Any questions? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below!