Need A Break? We Help You Choose Your Holiday Destination

Jul 19

Need A Break? We Help You Choose Your Holiday Destination

As we announced some days ago, we have decided to start sharing with you all sorts of topics we talk about at lunchtime, our crazy ideas, travel tips, silly jokes, pieces of advice we think are worth sharing and much, much more! We are opening the doors of our offices so you can see who we are on the inside.

It wasn’t hard to decide on the subject of this first post: there are many globe-trotters at Genymobile AND everyone is excited about the beginning of summertime… So it didn’t took us a long time to say “hey why not share our travel tips!”.

Recommendations from our Genymobile globe-trotters

Here is how it all began: at Genymobile many of us love to travel. Three months ago, we started to collect traveling tips from some of us, with the dream to one day publish a Genymobile Travel Guide (we told you, we have many scatterbrained ideas… ?). Since we’re not quite there yet, we thought it would be nice to give you some ideas of destinations for your upcoming holidays…


You live in Europe and don’t have many days off? What about a little trip to Milan?

Milan has many advantages for a short stay. It is a dynamic, cosmopolitan and modern hub that will delight city lovers. You can combine your weekend with a trip to Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, that are all easily accessible from Milan Station (approximately 1 hour by train).

To enjoy the best of Milan, Ellinor, one of our Marketing project manager, reveals her tips and favorites of this wonderful city:

The must-sees: The Duomo, Casterllo Sforzesco, galleria Vittoio and the Hangar Biccoca for its monumental permanent exhibition.

duomo-milanCastello SforzescoHangar Biccoca

Admire the street art scattered all over the city, especially in the areas of Isola, Corrobio and Navigli.



Favorite moment: a walk in the Navigli district at sunset.

navigli district

Favorite restaurants spotted:


  • Bottega Ghiotta Gourmet, Corso Sempione, 5
  • Hangar Bicocca, Via Chiese 2 (book before if you can)
  • Fioraio Bianchi, Via Montebello, 7: far from the touristic district of Navigli where aperitivos ar of lower quality, this place is a very good deal to drink and eat.
  • Cioccolati Italiani, Via S. Raffaele, 6: Very good icecreams, chocolate flows like water. Melted chocolate is poured in the bottom of cones!
  • Ral8022, Via Corsico, 3: A bar that also sells vinyl discs. There’s an art exhibition inside, some good music and atmosphere.
Or maybe you are dreaming more about big adventures, distant lands and longer holidays?


Look no further: Brazil is the place for you!

It’s a colorful, warm, musical, and contrasted country that will delight travelers in search of great experiences!

According to Anaïs, our art director, when you arrive in Brazil, you can leave out the hassles of everyday life, stress, time schedules, and just take your time! So much so that in some regions of Brazil it is useless to ask what time it is: they just don’t know.

Her favorites about life moments & experiences:

  • It’s a must in Brazil: music will rythm your trip and will make you smile all along the way.
  • Manioc in all its forms
  • Cachaça: a sugarcane liquor
  • All the small animals we can meet everywhere
  • The kindness of Brazilians
  • Coconut jam and goïaba juice facebook heart coeur

Her favorite places:

  • Lençois desert
  • the hike down the Corcovado mountain, little known but extremely sporty ?
  • the village of Atins lost in the Northeast, quiet and beautiful
  • Ilha Grande and its turtles

Brazil-monkey Brazil-village Brazil-falls

Brazil-turtle Brazil-beach Brazil-nature

Anaïs also has some tips that might help you plan your next trip to Brazil (yes we know you are already doing your backpack ?) :

– To travel across the country, the two best options are the bus and the plane. The railroad network is almost nonexistent and renting a car is not a good option for short stays. If you plan a trip with steps quite far from each other, the Brazil Air Pass, offered to French tourists, allows for several domestic flights (4 to 9) at a great price.

– Few people speak English in Brazil, so take a pocket dictionary with you if you do not speak Portuguese and do not hesitate to communicate! Brazilians are very patient and always try to understand and help you.

– Life in Brazil is more expensive than we think, especially in Rio, so Anaïs advises you book your accommodation in advance when staying in town. For the rest, you can choose a small pousada ready to welcome you (the equivalent of the Bed & Breakfast). There are numerous addresses and the comfort varies from very simple rooms to luxurious suites. To help you choose, Tripadvisor is the best option.

– Apart from domestic flights, plan an average budget of 200 reals per day (about $60/€55) for meals, accommodation and activities. Once there, be sure to take enough money when you get the chance, in fact many ATMs do not accept our European cards.

– Required step depending on the region: vaccines. Ouch! Essentials to have in your first-aid kit: a tropical mosquito repellent spray (they are fierce), sunscreen with high protection factor (even if like me you tan easily because in Northern Brazil you’ll burn!), and Biafine cream.

That’s it, now you have everything in hand to prepare your next getaway!

So what are you waiting for??? Come on check plane tickets and GOOOO !!!


Have you been to Brazil or Milan? Share your experiences and travel tips in the comments section below!

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