Apr 4

A glimpse into “The Leaf”, our internal email newsletter

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information” – Benjamin Disraeli In our first years, we grew up pretty fast. Not only in terms of business value, but also in terms of employee number. And when you’re used to exchange ideas around a table, switching

Feb 16
Genymobile at WeWork

San-Francisco: Our US team is moving! Here’s where to find them (and the story behind)

Remember when we announced opening new offices in San-Francisco? We wanted to get closer to you, our beloved Genymotion users 🤗 Well it was almost 2 years ago – already 😱 – and a lot has happened since! The time has come to move (again). On to new adventures We really loved our Genyhouse! It

Feb 7
Genydeploy 4.3

Genydeploy 4.3: Introducing a new way to automatically deploy user inputs (without using any script)

Genydeploy 4.3 is out! This major version of our industrial deployment solution brings a ton of new awesome features and enhancements – including a sleeker UI, many readability improvements and a few script optimizations. But what really stands out is Genydeploy’s Replay Sequence: a new feature for Linux users removing any remaining manual interactions during

Feb 3

Candlemas was yesterday (but crepes day is everyday). Check out our recipe!

Yesterday was Groundhog day (yay). But here in France we celebrated Candlemas. And it was all about crepes, crepes and crepes 🙌 Unfortunately (for you), we already ate them all. But hey, we’re already kind enough to share our little homemade recipe with you – not even a thank you! Anyway, without further ado, here are the ingredients

Jan 12

This Recipe of Ours Will Get You Through the Winter

Haaa, the post-Christmas period… That time of the year when all the magic is gone, leaving nothing behind but harsh, cold and miserable weather. Alright don’t despair yet! We’ve got just what you need. Genymobile’s mulled wine recipe (10 people) For French people like us, mulled wine is literally sacred. No wonder! Who would say

Dec 15

Here Comes Christmas! And We’ve Got Plenty of Goodies for You 🎁

It’s that time of the year🎄🎅 And we have a few surprises for you! So grab your holiday spirit, finish that gingerbread nougat and get your fill of Genymobile goodies. 2 paper toys to add a flare of originality to your decorations Our Android-themed Santa & Elf will definitely add a Christmassy Android feeling to your

Oct 11
People meeting in Lyon to test their app

MeetUp Lyon Testing N°1 (October 25th)

The Lyon Testing User Group are having their first meetup! Join us in our local facilities for 3 lightning talks by experts in the field. The first event in Lyon dedicated to functional tests What’s better than solving common problems together? 🤔 (nope “saucisson” doesn’t count). Lyon Testing N°1 is the first meetup dedicated to

Sep 29

Genymobile Company Culture – Our Statement

At a TED conference entitled “Why does corporate culture make the difference”, Angelique Zettor, co-founder and co-CEO of Genymobile, spoke of the importance of company culture which she has always considered a priority at Genymobile. Why put such an emphasis on company culture? Culture is this invisible bond that unites us as employees and makes

Aug 12

Time To Play! These Are Our Favorite Video Games Ever (no Pokémon GO we swear)

Like any respectable startup company with tech-savvy engineers we have among us video games enthusiasts. Whether they are casual or hardcore gamers, they have concocted for you a small list of some of their favorites. So if you are fed up with Pokemon Go look no further! Looking for rich worlds & engaging characters? These

Jul 19

Need A Break? We Help You Choose Your Holiday Destination

As we announced some days ago, we have decided to start sharing with you all sorts of topics we talk about at lunchtime, our crazy ideas, travel tips, silly jokes, pieces of advice we think are worth sharing and much, much more! We are opening the doors of our offices so you can see who