Apr 28

Arnaud interviewed by BFM Business

Arnaud Dupuis presented our solutions to help companies better understand and use Android on various connected devices. – Tech & Co, April 9 , presented by Sébastien Couasnon on BFM Business.

Apr 25

Droidcon Montreal

In the city center was held this year the first edition of the Montreal Droidcon with about 350 participants . An edition with probably the best line-up of all the Droidcons . The organization was great, all the lectures were recorded and are available for free. We had many contacts from San Francisco and New

Apr 8

The Art of “Clean Code”

In software development, source code is the core element. It contains all features of the software, its logic but also all its bugs. Developers work with code on a daily basis: they are led to modify it but above all, understand it.

Mar 26

Android Builder Summit

This event is organized by the Linux Foundation. The actual name of the conference is ELC+ABS for “Embedded Linux Conference + Android Builders Summit” Some talks were more focused on Linux and others on Android but everything was held in the same place so it was easy to attend both. It is a very technical

Mar 20

ROOMn – 3rd edition 1 & 2 april 2015 in Deauville, France

ROOMn is a unique and innovative meeting that has become a strategic event dedicated to mobile and digital technologies. A veritable hub of dialogue between decision makers and corporate mobility experts, ROOMn spotlights new issues for digital companies. As usual, Genymobile team will be present. Meet our team : – Booth – Conference Google

Mar 15

On the lookout for new trends and future connected objects @Wearables TechCon

Wearables TechCon is an event created for OEM builders, designers, and developers of wearable computing technology. This year was the second edition and the event was held in Santa Clara. It consists in a set of talks and one showroom from people working “under the hood” (on very technical parts of those technologies). Thus, expert

Mar 10

Connected object breakfast @Genymobile

Thursday March 19th, about 30 guests came to our office for a breakfast over connected objects. Among them, Orange, Société Générale, SCC, Bouygues Telecom, Lagardère, Sony, Voyages-sncf, Axa, etc. It was the occasion for Genymobile to share its vision, to show its Android expertise and to demonstrate that we are the ideal partner for this

Feb 3

DevFest Paris

First instance of the DevFest on the Parisian soil, the event organized by Paris GDG was hosted at ECE January 30th, 2015. Genymobile had to be there with the best booth and two talks: one about the Gradle plugin by Eyal and another one about Android test implementation by Florent and Sylvain. A rather web oriented event, but with a nice proportion of Android developers out of the 300 attendees. Five rooms, five time slots, 25 interesting presentations and great food. What else? DevFest Paris, we’ll be back!

Feb 1

A day in Riga.

Riga Dev Day is a software developer event. On paper, it’s about Java, Android and wearable. There were too few mobile devs but people were very nice and the organization was great!