Genymobile Company Culture – Our Statement

Sep 29

Genymobile Company Culture – Our Statement

At a TED conference entitled Why does corporate culture make the difference”, Angelique Zettor, co-founder and co-CEO of Genymobile, spoke of the importance of company culture which she has always considered a priority at Genymobile.

Why put such an emphasis on corporate culture?

Culture is this invisible bond that unites us as employees and makes us tick! It’s not only about work, management or office environment, but what makes us feel good, passionate and recognized by others every day. It’s what makes us want to give the best of ourselves. In that sense, a strong culture in a company enables a stimulating and friendly environment, in which everyone wants to stay in and contribute to.

If you take a peek inside life at Genymobile, you will see we have designed our premises to our image: the office space is warm, welcoming, and everyone feels at home. We also wanted to facilitate interactions whether through the layout of the office and meeting spaces as well as public areas, or through tools we chose and various official company wide meetings.

But then how can you create a corporate culture?

Company culture does not happen overnight. Culture begins as an accumulation of the little things and habits that eventually impact the way we talk to each other, listen to one another, argue, think, etc. The foundation of a company culture is not only about having nice decorations, beautiful rooms or new perks. It is above all about the involvement and the personality of each employee that shapes it. So as a company you need to make sure that the people you recruit are not just competent professionally but also in line with who you are and what you want to be!

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Angélique Zettor acknowledges that from the start she knew that part of her role as an entrepreneur was to recruit the right people for the company she wanted to build. Thus, during recruiting interviews, she of course made sure that the skills and experience of the candidates were outstanding, but she was also looking to form a team with whom she would feel happy to go for a drink at the end of the day! Why? Because she knew that the people she hired this way would have no problem communicating and exchanging easily and unambiguously. On a deeper level, she knew it would help them give each other the desire to undertake things, to grow. By doing so, anyone participating in the recruitment process amongst Genymobile is now able to identify profiles that share our values and our dreams.

And afterwards, how do you keep growing and deepening company culture?

Culture is a living thing, and to keep it alive we must share it amongst ourselves.


  • To be themselves emoji_u1f4af
  • To express their passions and values emoji_u1f60d
  • To get to know each other.emoji_u1f5e8


  • To organize events to encourage formal and informal exchanges emoji_u1f37b
  • To boost communication and everyone’s curiosity emoji_u1f4e3
  • To strengthen cohesion. emoji_u1f4aa

At Genymobile for example, we set up regular company-wide meetings: T-times are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with all employees connected to hangouts. These moments allow us to come together and share news, whether professional or totally random.

Moreover, it is very important that the company adapts and evolves with its employees as well as it does with its customers. Internet and social networks have made information sharing, communication and transparency essential. Do know to adapt your company structure and solutions in this regard. Today it is essential to give employees the whole situational context and all the keys so that they can give the best of themselves in their work. Especially because top management does not have a monopoly on good ideas! This is why at Genymobile we also set up a bimonthly appointment where everyone has the possibility to address managers and the entire company to bring grounds for thought, raise an issue or express an idea for the company, its strategy, etc. Anyone can give advice and choose to implement an idea.

Culture must learn to evolve, adapt, know its qualities and areas for improvement, etc. For this we must learn to assess and measure culture.

But how can you measure something that is so complicated to describe?

One of the ways we do this is by regularly sending out a questionnaire that we have developed for this purpose. Employees will be asked to respond anonymously and honestly to various questions which illustrate certain aspects of our culture and our values. This will allow us to identify what is working, what needs attention and improvement, what has changed, and conversely where you need to redouble efforts. In order to adapt and to constantly challenge ourselves and make sure to have a culture in our image, not just theoretical. A company culture is not a given, it is in everyday life.

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All these efforts are the key to a successful company culture!

At Genymobile we are convinced that a strong culture is the fertilizer of our growth and our accomplishments, the road to the development of our employees, and to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

So don’t wait any longer and start today!

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And you? How would you describe your company’s culture? How does it make the difference? Or even share also your tips!