Time To Play! These Are Our Favorite Video Games Ever (no Pokémon GO we swear)

Aug 12

Time To Play! These Are Our Favorite Video Games Ever (no Pokémon GO we swear)

Like any respectable startup company with tech-savvy engineers we have among us video games enthusiasts. Whether they are casual or hardcore gamers, they have concocted for you a small list of some of their favorites. So if you are fed up with Pokemon Go look no further!

Looking for rich worlds & engaging characters? These games should please you

Grim Fandango Remastered (Recommended by Alexis Rosovsky – Genymaster Android Developer)

grim fandango

“Grim Fandango is the story of a poor harvester (kind of), Manny Calavera, who is dead. Dead, but employed, as he is a reaper of the DoD (Department of Death). He uses his scythe and dresses up in a black gown to harvest the souls of poor little mortals recently deceased. Poor, but not too poor, otherwise Manny won’t be able to sell them at the tourist trail across the land of the dead. Rapidly, things get tougher and Manny, despite himself, ends up being part of a revolution aiming at dissolving the corrupted government of the land of the dead. There is much humor (black humor mainly but not only), a fabulous soundtrack as well as an original and polished scenery which all allow for a fantastic immersion in Grim Fandango’s world.”

Curious? Visit Grim Fandango Remastered‘s Steam page

Don’t Starve Together (Recommended by Alexis Rosovsky – Genymaster Android Developer)

don't starve together

“Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the game Don’t Starve (2013). The aim is to survive, together, in the imaginary and tormented world of Don’t Starve. Harvesting resources, making tools, hunting, making fire, not starving: these are the basics. Easy? Not really… At night, Charlie won’t do you any favors if you remain in the dark: you have to learn how to control your sources of light. With a graphical touch recalling Tim Burton and The Addams Family, the atmosphere is dark but we never fall into anguish. The atmosphere relies on a subtle balance between a dark world made of comic sketches and lively music.”

Curious? Visit Don’t Starve Together‘s Steam page

Looking for playful and relaxing environments? You will enjoy these games without any doubt

Hatoful Boyfriend (Recommended by Leo Cacheux – Genydeploy Android Developer)

hatoful boyfriend

“There are hundreds of Japanese visual novels, but for some strange reason, none of them have pigeons! Well, except for Hatoful Boyfriend, where your character is  a young human lady trying to date birds in a prestigious high school in Japan.”

Curious? Visit Hatoful Boyfriend‘s Steam page


I Am Bread (Recommended by Leo Cacheux – Genydeploy Android Developer)

i am bread

“Who hasn’t dreamed of being a slice of bread ? It’s now possible with I Am Bread, where you have one goal : getting toasted. Your quest consists in crossing the room where you begin and trying to reach the toaster, the frying pan or the iron.”

Curious? Visit I Am Bread‘s Steam page


Knytt Stories (Recommended by Sylvain Galand – Genydeploy Android Developer)

knytt stories

“Based on exploration and demanding a perfect maneuverability, Knytt Stories is one of those games that take us to a poetic and relaxing world. A similar feeling is found in most games later developed by Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas) and also in additional levels that he or his active community of followers have created.”

Curious? Visit Knytt Stories‘s official page

Still hesitating? You should turn towards the unclassifiable:

Auditorium (Recommended by Sylvain Galand – Android Developer)


“Auditorium is a real oddity in the videogames industry. Developed in Philadelphia by Cipher Prime, it’s more of an experience than a game. The player controls particle flows by locally distorting various aspects of physics. What’s left after the game? A visual and musical esthetic and a desire to play again.”

Curious? Visit Auditorium‘s official page

 Remarks? Suggestions? Share them in the comments section below! May the game be with you ?